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What is Traditional Paintball?

Using air-powered paintball guns, participants compete against one another, on teams or individually, to eliminate opponents by tagging them with paintballs. In most cases, there is an objective like capture the flag or protect the president, however, in the end, the player that has not been eliminated usually is the winner.

Our Traditional Paintball games are what most people associate with when referring to paintball. We use a standard mechanical paintball gun that shoots 68 caliber paintballs which is a step up over our Low Impact Paintball program. Our traditional paintball format is recommended for ages 12+ mainly due to the weight and size of the playing equipment as well as the force of the 68 caliber paintball.

*Packages starting at $25.25 to $54.95 per player


100 RDS Package

1-1.5 hours of game time
$ 25
per player
  • Semi auto paintball gun
  • 100 paintballs
  • Unlimited air refills

500 RDS Package

3-5 hours of game time
$ 54
per player
  • Semi auto paintball gun
  • 500 paintballs
  • Unlimited air refills

200 RDS Package

1.5-2 hours of game time
$ 31
per player
  • Semi auto paintball gun
  • 200 paintballs
  • Unlimited air refills

Package Addons

Extra Paintballs

  • 100 Paintballs $10.00
  • 500 Paintballs $45.00
  • 2000 Paintballs $150.00

Extra Individual Items

  • Coveralls $9.00
  • Air tank rental $5.00
  • Barrel Cover $3.00
  • Paint Grenade $8.95
  • Smoke Grenade $11.95

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